by Local Hate

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(free) 02:51


Split cd with Special "C"


released December 2, 2011

All songs by Eddie Cairns except Get out and products of sin by Brett Madden.



all rights reserved


Local Hate Hermosa Beach, California

Local Hate has consisted as the same group of friends since 2006. From Hermosa Beach California, we've looked up to other Hermosa bands such as Pennywise, Descendents and Black Flag.

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Track Name: Mental
When I am with you i start to feel special, you make me feel like i'm one of a kind
but, the longer i'm with you i start to feel mental. cant you see that i'm losing my mind.

Wasted nights turn to wasted fights and pissed off cops turn on police lights. I feel messed up all of the time.

A system failure, a drug over dose, spun out and drunken A straight comatose. fucked up and messed up and thrashed out and pilled out, cant you see that means nothing to me.
Track Name: Creeps Control
All black clothes and all black shoes
A black bandana and a Creeps tattoo
all of our friends are just having fun
out on the beach even after the sun

Creeps control
I am, you're not, we are
Creeps Control
get up, fight back, hit hard
Creeps control
you just got your dose of Creeps control.

out all day long like its 4th of July
i saw Gun man he was flying by
we're skating and surfing, we're shooting the pier
we've got the beach covered, now just stay clear


All black clothes and all black shoes
A black bandana and a Creeps tattoo
slamming in style at all of the shows
got a busted lip and a swole elbow.

Creeps control
Track Name: Get Out
the things that you brought to my town
the way that you ruined this place
living here is bringing me down
because i cant afford this place

we're gonna take it back
we're gonna take it and we're gonna bring our town back from all of you

sharkeez was gone forever
so why were you still here
yeah, burning down sharkeez was clever
because all those lames left the pier

we will do what we have to do
you cant take any of us lightly
the Creeps will come to visit you
so pack your shit up and split
Track Name: Nowhere Fast
back track to when we were 13
started out just smoking weed
at a party drenched in alcohol
drunk as fuck, now brace that fall. You said
"Fuck School" and fuck your grades
down to the beach to check the waves
i know your living your life
but at the edge of knife
hope you'll be alright

you're moving fast, going nowhere fast
i've got no one her by my side
way too fast to keep control
you're moving fast, going nowhere fast
i've got no one her by my side
live that life and pay that toll

you've spent your last years just getting spun
convincing your self your just having fun
you said 100 time it would be the last time
one more time should be alright
Do you really think your thinking clear?
keep this up, the end is near
get your shit together, please my friend
i'll be right here until the end

dont do what you are told
you creeping up on thirty years old
dont be a waste of life
you have your friends here by your side
life's too nice to waste on drugs
you don't always have tomorrow
you can be gone
you've been like this for way too long
i need you here to sing your song
Track Name: Straight Jacket
walk down the street
collect yourself and embrace the sights
gather your thoughts
take a chug as you stare into light
think about whats next
as you lose control
waiting for a fold

feeling the pain with your face in the sand
feeling like you have a gun in your hand
feeling the pressure, feeling the pain
feeling like you're going insane
hold your head, don't let go
until than, i'll be waiting

is your head on tight man?
control yourself
you're thinking to slowly
time to react
your time is crunching
what do you have left
your spinning your of control


in my white leather jacket?
with my arms crossed tight
buckled and strapped i wonder if its night
i think and wonder, when can i go home?
im locked in my own head